Building an organization-wide customer-centric culture is hard.


Customer expectations are changing rapidly and organizations must do more and more to compete for the hearts and minds (and wallets!) of their customers. 

So, how do you foster a customer-centric culture that  sets you apart from your competitors and sets you up for long-term success?

We’ve found the most successful organizations have four key strategies that they focused on in their journey to customer-first greatness. 

"Kapiche offers a truly unique solution to the challenge of obtaining actionable insights from NPS data. Flexible reporting, granular insights and ease of use make Kapiche an ideal tool for any company striving to create meaningful experiences for their customers."

- Sergio Rossini, Head of Customer Excellence Global @ Schindler

  • CX starts at the top - how to get your C-suite on board
  • Designing your CX dream team - how to structure your CX team for maximum ROI
  • Breaking down silos - How to bring people together and why you need a data single source of truth 
  • Long-term steps to stay ahead of your competitors 

Plus, a whole bunch of stats and examples to help you champion your organization's customer-centric culture

What you'll learn

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“Left to their own devices, employees will decide what your CX strategy means for them, which may or may not be right. If they’re wrong, this leads to frustration that corrodes CX momentum.” 

- Forrester



The 4 customer-first strategies used by CX leaders for success

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