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Customer experience is the cornerstone of successful strategy and nothing drives customers away more than terrible customer experience. Delivering exceptional customer experience demands that businesses know what their customers actually want. Mastering customer intelligence is the most effective way to do this.  

What's inside this ebook:

✔️ What is customer intelligence?

✔️ The four phases of a customer intelligence strategy

✔️ How to create listening paths across different channels

✔️ Centralizing data into a single source of truth

"Kapiche offers a truly unique solution to the challenge of obtaining actionable insights from customer feedback data. Flexible reporting, granular insights and ease of use make Kapiche an ideal tool for any company striving to create meaningful experiences for their customers."

Sergio Rossini, Head of Customer Excellence Global @ Schindler

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Business analytics as an organizational priority is expected to be on par with such critical drivers of business value as risk management, reputation management, product/service innovation, and managing growth expectations. In other words, analytics is becoming an established fact of business life and no longer the sole domain of the IT or finance department

- Deloitte


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