Supercharge customer satisfaction and drive revenue by making sense of qualitative and quantitative customer feedback data from any source.

Know exactly what you need to do to improve customer experience

Deeper insights, increased efficiency, better reporting

Kapiche allows analysts to conduct deep data analysis for richer customer insights, whilst significantly decreasing time and cost to results. The added benefit? These insights are easily shared with managers, execs and the Board. 

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See customer issues in seconds

See what's impacting your customers and measure the exact ROI of your CX initiatives.

Track issues and trends over time

Measure the impact of your business decisions on customer satisfaction.

Easily report out to the board and execs

Share easy-to-interpret insights with the rest of the business.

Improve the quality of  analyses in less time

Much deeper insight into customer issues than manual techniques like Excel.

Pull in data from other business systems

One-click integrations with Qualtrics, Delighted, AskNicely and others.

See emergent trends as they happen

See emergent customer issues as they happen, not just the topics you already know about.

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"Kapiche offers a truly unique solution to the challenge of obtaining actionable insights from NPS data. Flexible reporting, granular insights and ease of use make Kapiche text analysis an ideal tool for any company striving to create meaningful experiences for their customers."

- Head of Customer Excellence Global @ Schindler, Sergio Rossini

Have complete confidence in your VoC strategy

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Deeply understand your customer's experience

Validate gut feel on what's affecting CX in your organization and tweak your customer strategy accordingly.

Understand the exact ROI of your CX initiatives to help you focus in on the most important customer issues.

Get deeper insights into what’s driving customer satisfaction, including emergent issues.

Deeper insights

Clear focus on ROI

Confidence in decision making  

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with text analytics software for mid-large organizations.

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See why customers choose Kapiche to get deeper insights, faster and cheaper than ever before.

See why customers choose Kapiche to get deeper insights, faster and cheaper than ever before.

Supercharge customer satisfaction and drive revenue by deeply understanding qualitative and quantitative customer feedback from any channel.

Imagine a world where you could uncover actionable customer insights in minutes with no setup, to increase retention, improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

Where you could plug in qualitative and quantitative customer feedback, plus operational data from any source to get a complete picture of your customer experience. 

This is the future of customer intelligence.

Real customer intelligence 

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