Uncover actionable insights faster and easier than ever before.  What used to take you weeks, will now take you minutes, giving you time back to be the data hero you always wanted to be. 

Customer insights teams use Kapiche to: 

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Quickly find actionable insights in customer feedback data.

Track issues and trends over time to see how feedback changes.

Easily report findings out to management and relevant departments.

Save time with no code frames & no manual-coding.

See how Kapiche improves your insights using your own data!

Instantly make sense of unstructured customer data to improve your VoC program. 

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Analyze customer feedback data with no set up, no manual coding and results you can trust. 

Automate the analysis of customer feedback and rejoice in the fact that you no longer need to manually code survey data or regularly update frameworks. 

Bring together multiple data sources including demographic, behavioural, spend and CX data, for a multi-dimensional analysis and deeper, actionable insights.

Drill deep into your feedback for  complete confidence in your analyses and your ability to accurately answer strategic business questions in minutes.

Have confidence in your analysis

Supercharge your insights  

Work smarter, not harder

Uncover deep, actionable insights using Kapiche text analytics software. 

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What used to take you weeks will now take just minutes, giving you more time to be the data hero you always knew you were.

Easily understand how to improve CX metrics.

Impact scores allow you to quickly spot the customer issues that need fixing the most. Understand the exact impact individual issues are having on your NPS, CSAT or CES scores and see how improving these issues would drive up your overall scores.

Our software does not require any predetermined code frames; it uncovers key themes automatically, giving you peace of mind you’re seeing everything your customers are talking about, not just the topics you already know to look for.

Measure the impact of your business decisions on customer satisfaction and see how feedback changes as you address customer issues or introduce new products and services.

Easily report findings out to management and relevant departments.

Customer insights teams use Kapiche to:

Use customizable dashboards to share insights across the entire organization or just with specific locations, teams or employees to implement the required fixes. Create, customize, and share dashboards filled with the deep, actionable insights from your analysis.

Imagine a world where you could uncover actionable customer insights in minutes with no setup, no manual coding and no need to outsource the process to a third party.

Where you could plug in qualitative and quantitative customer feedback, plus operational data from any source to get a complete picture of your customer experience. 

Kapiche does exactly this.

Real customer intelligence 

Kapiche is a new technology to deeply understand customer feedback at scale. A way to bring together all disparate customer data, for deep, contextual insights that drive retention and growth.

Customer intelligence at its best.

new solution to VoC insights and research 

Automatically uncover themes in your feedback data - no human intervention required.

Get up and running in minutes, not weeks or months.

Combine every form of customer data for deep, contextual insights.

Kapiche is a new platform that uses unsupervised machine learning to quickly uncover insights in your customer data. 

Our Natural Language Processing technology does the heavy lifting, giving analysts time back for deep analytical work that truly moves the needle on your business metrics.

Drive revenue growth with VoC insights from your feedback data.

Uncover and act on deep customer insights to accelerate meaningful change, boost customer satisfaction and drive revenue. 

"Perhaps most importantly, Kapiche has delivered significant ROI, reducing the cost of human labor by replacing manual analysis with software that processes data ~30x faster and far more accurately."

Steven Hill, Senior Manager Voice of Member, RACWA

Join the feedback analytics revolution.